Roosevelt Islander Online: Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin Social Distancing Capacity Limitations Are Over, Tram Returns To Full Capacity Service Monday June 28 Says RIOC

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp
announced on May 21, 2020:

… Tram Passenger Limits

In an effort to ensure social distancing and reduce spreading COVID-19, the
Roosevelt Island Tram will be limited to a maximum of thirteen (13) passengers
until further notice. POMA, the tram’s operator, has installed social
distancing decals on the tram cabin to inform passengers how far away they
should be standing from each other. Please note that the number of passengers
may be changed in response to COVID-19 infection rates….

During the past year,
Roosevelt Island Tram
social distancing capacity limitations gradually increased to the
current 55
and starting tomorrow will return to the pre-covid full Tram cabin capacity
of 110 passengers.

According to

As New York continues to move forward after reaching a 70% vaccination rate,
the Roosevelt Island Tram will return to full capacity starting on Monday,
June 28th.

Face coverings are still required on the Roosevelt Island Tram.


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