Roosevelt Islander Online: Roosevelt Island Wildlife Freedom Foundation Volunteers Celebrate Earth Day Last Friday With Trash And Litter Clean Up At Southpoint Park

Roosevelt Island resident and
Wildlife Freedom Foundation
(WFF) President Rossana Ceruzzi together with an enthusiastic group of volunteers 

celebrated Earth Day last Friday, April 22, with a clean up of trash and litter
left at Southpoint Park. They also gave away reusable bags and biodegradable
and compostable dog waste bags.

Answering the question “why are you here today”, the WFF volunteers said:

  • I’m here to help heal the earth,

  • I live here on this Island and my my original intent with the joining Wildlife
    Freedom Foundation was helping out all these animals here but Rosanna told me
    about this clean up project we have here for Earth day and I’d love to keep
    my Island clean. Keep the Earth clean. Stop all this littering stuff.
  • I care about the environment and the animals and we can clearly see that the
    garbage does harm our animals
  • I’m here today to help the ecosystem.

The WFF Roosevelt Island Earth Day celebration was done in cooperation with the NYC Department of Sanitation.

Here’s how 2022 Earth Day clean up was celebrated in other parts of NYC.

More info on the Roosevelt Island Wildlife Freedom Foundation at their website, Instagram and Twitter page.


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