Sad news. Long time Roosevelt Island resident Eunice Tazuko Tamashiro Folla died

The family shares her obituary:

Eunice Tazuko Tamashiro Folla was a force of life, a radiant and joyful
presence who devoted her life to loving, giving and educating – loving her
children, her family, and her community, and giving all of herself to the
education of young children. 

Born in São Paulo, Brazil to immigrant parents, Eunice navigated multiple
languages and cultures from an early age, instilling in her an ability to
appreciate the humanity in every person and to love and care across languages
and differences. Eunice believed in building community and supporting others
in all spaces she entered and engaged with. An immigrant to New York, she
quickly became a beloved member of her communities and redefined family as one
of countless immigrants far from their homelands. She was a true artist with
profound aesthetic sensitivity and rife with intellectual curiosity. She was
wildly hilarious in every language she expressed herself in and could make you
laugh for hours with her endless jokes, wit and stories.

As the first generation in her family to go to college, Eunice deeply valued
the transformative power of education and was a lifelong learner, earning her
master’s degree in early childhood education while working full-time and
raising three children in her adopted city, New York. She was a passionately
engaged and treasured educator for many years, proudly carrying the title of
Roosevelt Island pre-school teacher and giving 110% of herself to her
profession every day.

Eunice navigated the world with an awe-inspiring sense of self and purpose, a
radical comfort in her own skin that allowed her to care for and nurture
others deeply. She embodied altruism and taught us that a life worth living is
one in which you love fiercely and with your whole heart in service of others.
A fighter to the end, she was a mother who honored all mothers. She saw
humanity and potential in young and old. Her soulfulness and indelible impact
will be remembered by those she touched through her love or her teaching. The
sadness for saying goodbye so soon when she had so much more to give and to
learn will be overcome by the memory of countless moments of joy she shared
with family, friends, colleagues and students.

Eunice joins our ancestors, her mother, Hatsuko Kobashigawa, brother, Pedro
Yoshito Tamashiro, oji, Taiyo Shiroma, and oba, Fumi Shiroma. 

Our guerreira, we love and miss you every single day and hold you in gratitude
for the years we were blessed to have with you on this earth.

Com amor, saudade, e gratidão,

Renato, Daniel, Diana, Leo, Elza e Luca and beloved “granddogs” Oscar and Lou

A Go Fund Me page was created to help the family with expenses:

Please consider making a donation of any amount meaningful to support Eunice’s
funeral and final burial expenses. Her wish is to have her final resting place
be with her Mother and Brother in Brazil. Thank you!

Condolences to the family, friends and neighbors of Eunice Tazuko Tamashiro


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