Roosevelt Islander Online: San Francisco Offering Booster Shots To Some Who Received Single Dose Johnson & Johnson Covid 19 Vaccine

As previously reported:

during the weekend of March 13-14, Duane Reade/Walgreens vaccinated almost 1300 people with the Johnson &
Johnson single dose Covid 19 vaccine at a pop-up clinic site in the Roosevelt
Island Senior Center. …

On August 3, a reporter asked
NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio about possible booster shots for those who, like like
the Mayor himself, and many Roosevelt Island residents, received the single
dose Johnson & Johnson Covid 19 vaccine.

 … Question: And I also wanted to ask we saw a report
from our sister station actually in San Francisco reporting that San
Francisco General Hospital is going to start giving booster shots, mRNA
booster shots to people who took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. I know
that you took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Have you heard anything
about that? Is that something that you would do yourself? Would you take a
booster shot?    

Mayor: Well, I’ll turn in a moment to my fellow Johnson &
Johnson vaccine, Dr. Dave Chokshi, and obviously if Dr. Katz or Dr. Varma
want to add. I’m ready to take a booster shot whenever the time is right and
whenever the priority is right, because as with everything, if we’re
introducing any new piece to the equation, we want to make sure that those
who need it most get it first. But if at any point it’s determined that
booster shots are advisable, I’m certainly ready when my turn comes. With
that, Dr. Chokshi.   

Commissioner Dave Chokshi, Department of Health and Mental
Thank you very much, Mr. Mayor. We are following the science very closely
on this, particularly in the context of the Delta variant. At this moment,
we are not recommending booster shots for any individuals based on our
scientific understanding right now. However, there is some evidence, and it
is growing, that booster shots may be a recommended or required a little bit
further down the road. If that happens, it’s most likely to be prioritized
for people who are immunocompromised, potentially older individuals as well,
but this is an area where we need to ensure that we follow the science as
well as the recommendations from the FDA on it. So, this is an area for
us to stay tuned, but I want to give that clear message that at this moment,
we are not recommending booster shots for anyone, including those who have
received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

According to NBC News:

The San Francisco Department of Public Health will offer what it is calling a “supplemental” dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine to anyone who received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccination, but city officials said the move does not reflect a policy change and it is not recommending a booster shot….

Here’s more info on the Covid 19 booster shot being given to some in San Francisco who received the Johnson & Johnson

The Center For Disease Control has a Q&A on the Johnson & Johnson Covid 19 vaccine and Yale Medicine reviews Covid 19 booster info.


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