Roosevelt Islander Online: Spectacular Day And Evening Views Of Manhattan & Queens Waterfront From New Roosevelt Island Southpoint Park East River Shoreline Pathways Opened Today

As reported November 24:

The $11 million Roosevelt Island Shoreline renovation project to fix the crumbling Southpoint Park seawall and provide public access to previously fenced in areas adjacent to the East River will open this weekend….

Here’s what the new Southpoint Park shoreline pathways 

looked like today.

According to these comments from Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Instagram Page 

  • Too many safety hazards, like too low barriers by the water, cheap plantings, sloppy work, dangerous “fences”. Just a mess since all of RIOC was AWOL and didn’t give a darn on the project
  • The wooden benches have not been sealed and the salt air will deteriorate them. 
  • It is a shame that the users will see a cheap version of the successful park like Brooklyn Bridge Park, 
  • There should be a fence in this area! 
  • That’s exactly what I was just telling my brother. Kids can climb on the rocks or anyone else and then fall right into the water which isn’t cool. Not sure why @rooseveltislandrioc decided this was “good”

Take a walk and see for yourself. It is very nice.

More video coming tomorrow.


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