iDig2Learn is Celebrating Roosevelt Island’s Nature with an upcoming series of three fascinating free virtual talks next week and you’re invited to attend.

Wednesday, March 24th – 7pm – 8pm Reacquainting Yourself with the Native & Urban Trees of Roosevelt Island with Carey Russell 

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Carey Russell is the host of The Dendro Lab, an online course and soon to be podcast focused on dendrology (the study of trees). He holds a masters degree in landscape ecology and is a certified master naturalist and licensed outdoor guide in New York State. As a naturalist, Carey has worked for the U.S. Forest Service, The Nature Conservancy, and the Khangai Nuruu National Park of Mongolia. While as a filmmaker, he’s a frequent collaborator with director Terrence Malick, and directed the documentary series Tibetan Stories. Currently, he is at work on a photography series titled Literary Landscapes, which documents the natural histories of real landscapes captured in literary fiction, including: Watership Down and My Side of the Mountain. He lives in New York City where he can often be found botanizing in Central Park.  

Thursday, March 25th – 11am to Noon Ants. Super cool. Guest Speaker Chris Johnson from the American Natural History Museum.

Christine Johnson
is the Curatorial Associate in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology at
the American Museum of Natural History, where her focus is to care for
and digitize (database & image) the millions of preserved
invertebrate specimens in the collection for use by researchers and the
public. Originally arriving in NYC to study ballet, her work on social
insects focuses on understanding interactions between ant social
parasites and their hosts, specializing on raider ants. Away from
NYC she conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Helsinki,
the Catholic University of Leuven and Ohio State University; back in NYC
she is a member of the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board and has
been active in the community garden scene, especially in East Harlem.

Friday, March 26th 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM Just
in time for National Paella Day. A deep dive into Paella with Coqui the
Chef – the plants behind the dish. One guest will win a free cooking

Coqui the Chef is a social enterprise with a mission to teach the importance of food culture and eating smart.  We explore all types of food from all over the world. We enjoy teaching how food can be your passport to an amazing culinary experience.  Tania Lopez, founder of Coqui the Chef is listed in the New York Magazine’s “The Strategist” as the Best Online Cooking Classes.  Make Food Your Passport!


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