Roosevelt Islander Online: Sponsored Post – Elect Esther Yang Democratic Party 76 AD Part A District Leader Representing Roosevelt Island & Upper East Side

Esther Yang is a candidate
to  represent Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side as Democratic
Party 76 AD Part A District Leader.

Esther Yang is
a mom, judicial delegate, “New Yorker of the Week” by NY1 for her work with
children and the creator of bully-free zones in public schools. For over 20
years, she has served as a community organizer and activist. She is a
wellness advocate and educator that teaches yoga, karate, and meditation in
schools and colleges across Manhattan. She is the author of “Love Yourself,
the Heck with Everyone Else” and guest speaker on Mind Body Medicine at
Cornell Medical School.  

Esther has a passion for improving the community by working closely with
voters and elected officials. “As I have always done in the past and
continue to do today and everyday, I am committed – heart and soul – to
working hard for all of you and for everyone on the Upper East Side and
Roosevelt Island.”

What is a District Leader?

District leaders are unpaid elected officials representing your district at the county level. District leaders are expected to staff poll sites, assist in the selection of judicial nominees, help facilitate the party’s activity within their district and influence policies/structure of their local county committee.

Esther Yang is
by Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang,

and Roosevelt Island Assembly Member Rebecca Seawight, among
other elected officials, as well as Roosevelt Island resident Joyce Short.

Meet Esther Yang at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market where she has been a
frequent visitor.

More info about Esther Yang’s candidacy for Democratic Party 76 AD Part A District Leader at her website

Roosevelt Island early voting
is available now thru Sunday June 20 at the Sportspark building (250 Main
Street) and at PS/IS 217 (645 Main Street) on Primary Election Day June 22.


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