Roosevelt Islander Online: Sponsored Post – Learn About NYC’s New Ranked Choice Way To Vote In June 2021 Primary – Early Voting June 12

New York City Primary Early Voting begins Saturday June 12 thru Sunday June
20. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 22.

Early voting on Roosevelt Island takes place 

at the Sportspark building, 250 Main Street. The entrance to vote is at North Loop Road which is between

Sportspark and the Cornell Tech campus.

The Roosevelt Island June 22 Election Day polling location is at PS/IS 217, 645
Main Street.

According to the
NYC Board of Elections:

Ranked-choice voting will be used for the June 2021 Primary Election. New
York City will use ranked-choice voting for Primary and Special Elections
for the following NYC municipal offices: 

  • MAYOR 

You can rank up to 5 candidates in order of preference: your 1st choice
candidate, your 2nd choice candidate, and so on up to your 5th choice

Below are Roosevelt Island sample ballots for the Democratic and Republican Party June 2021 primaries.


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