Roosevelt Islander Online: Sponsored Post – Return Of The Great Annual Roosevelt Island Pumpkin Smash With NYC Compost Hosted By Big Reuse Saturday November 6 At Manhattan Park Lower Lawn

resident and
Founder Christina Delfico reports:


Don’t let your Pumpkins haunt the landfill! Please join us
for a smashing good time (rain or shine) Saturday, November 2nd from 11am
to 2pm on Manhattan Park’s lower lawn (between building #20 and #30 facing Manhattan’s skyline). All are welcome to this
free event.

Get your pumpkin therapy on!
Come smash, chop
and throw pumpkins to break ‘em into bits so that our partners from NYC Compost Project
hosted by Big Reuse can give ‘em a new life as nutrient-rich compost,
which comes right back to amend our island soils.

Delicious cakes made locally by Andrea, cider and cookies
from our farmers market will make this day even sweeter. We welcome
bringing your own mug to help us reduce waste and to keep the neighborhood
clean and green.

Fan favorite, the leaf crunch, is back too, so
please bring your favorite fallen leaves on your way to the Smash to add
to the pile!

This is one of our favorite events and helps hit
home that food scraps are not trash but valuable.
Thanks to partners
Manhattan Park and RIOC for making this event possible. And to Coach
Scot’s baseball players and the Girl Scouts for volunteering.

Anthony Longo and son, co-founders of @grin_10044 , say “Roll through to check out the new Bam!Boo!
Bowling experiment too!”

There will be a Halloween costume drop
box for costumes no longer needed and a used battery tube.

Reuse has returned to support this Pumpkin Smash on Roosevelt Island but
they never really left. Thanks to their ongoing support, and that of the
Haki Compost Collective
volunteers, residents have now dropped over 200,000 pounds of food scraps
each Saturday from 9am to 2pm for composting since 2015.

One third of NYC’s waste stream
is organic waste so let’s get that out of our buildings and back into the
soil. @nyczerowaste

A bit grumpy about composting?
Stop by the ScanScrap
table for the unveiling of new supportive initiative for those not

Be sure to visit partner tables including longtime
supporters from the
RI Garden Club, who
will highlight our worm friends, and
to find out more about Haki composting initiatives.

See you at
the Smash!


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