The Roosevelt Island Racquet Club
invites you to start the 2022 New Year with their new Adult Tennis Daytime

Pam Glick is the new General Manager of the Roosevelt Island Racquet Club.
According to Ms Glick:

It’s great to be here. I’m so happy to be the new general manager of
Roosevelt Island Racquet Club. We’re spending a lot of time working on
getting our programming back up to where we were before Covid. 

We’re adding a lot of new adult classes, especially in the daytime.  

We have classes on Monday and Thursday from 11 to 12 30 for 2.5 level to 3.0.

Monday through Thursday we’re running 12:30 to 2:30 drill and play classes for
3.0, for 3.5 and above and on Friday we have an hour and a half class at 12

The new mid-day prices for our off-peak drill and plays are $32 for club members and $45 non-members for 1 1/2 hour classes, and $40 club members and $55 non- members for 2 hours classes. 

Roosevelt Island residents get 50% off the membership fee and court time booked 24 hours in advance. And they get a free clinic on Saturdays.

Tony Huber is celebrating his one year anniversary as Adult Tennis Director of the
Roosevelt Island Racquet Club. Mr Huber reports:

I’ve been the director now for one year of the adult program and
my primary goal was to boost up the amount of adult participation here at the

Next week we are adding about 30 to 40 percent more classes for adults at all
the various levels during the daytime.

For the drill and play programs we try to simulate everything that a player
might go through in either singles or doubles when they’re playing a

We do a lot of situational training meaning we put you in a situation that you
might find yourself in a doubles point or a singles point and then we talk
about how to play from that position. 

We talk about all phases of the game. Offense defense, neutral, how to act as
an individual. how to act as a teammate and we just coordinate it based on the
level that they’re playing at.

Ms Glick adds:

One of the good things about these
group classes is you get to meet people and make new friends and have some
social life which I know a lot of people are craving especially after the

Meet Roosevelt Island Racquet Club General Manager Pam Glick and Adult Tennis Director Tony Huber.

 and check out the Roosevelt Island Racquet Club 2022 Winter/Spring Adult Tennis Program Schedule

The Roosevelt Island Racquet Club also has adult tennis classes for beginners.

Contact Pam Glick at [email protected] or Tony Huber at
[email protected]
or  call 212.935.0250 ext 811 for more information.

Schedule your free tour and level evaluation.


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