Grocery shopping for Roosevelt Island residents just got a whole lot better.  

NYC 59th Street Bridgemarket Trader Joe’s
under the Queensboro Bridge and only one block from the Roosevelt Island Tram

opened yesterday morning 

to an expected large crowd of very happy Roosevelt Island and Upper East side

The lines were long but very orderly and manageable, not a long wait at all.

I spoke with Trader Joe’s Captain Brian yesterday who tell us about the new
store and says about Roosevelt Island:

… I’m very familiar with it.  It’s one of my favorite places in New
York. I think it’s a beautiful place. I love visiting there and I’ve been
there a couple times since I’ve been working out of the store so love

… the Tram goes almost directly over the store so it seemed logical to pay
a little homage to the Tram being right next to us…

A very happy Trader Joe’s customer
Kelsey Fowler
gives a great first hand account of the Trader Joe’s 59th Street Grand Opening
and tour of the store. Watch and enjoy her happiness and excitement.

The store is open daily from 8 am to 9 PM.  

As one Roosevelt Island resident commented:

This is the best thing ever!!! Now all I need is an outdoor volleyball court on the island and all my dreams will have come true

If only they delivered. 

More info on
Trader Joe’s available at their web site.


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