Roosevelt Islander Online: Watch Interview With Freedom From Fear/Yellow Bowl Project Artist Setsuko Winchester During Past Exhibition At FDR Four Freedoms Park

The Roosevelt Island FDR 4 Freedoms Park Instagram page reported on February 19:

According to the Freedom From Fear/Yellow Bowl Project web site:

On January 6, 1941, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave his famous Four Freedoms Speech in which he said that people “everywhere in the world” were entitled to the following four freedoms:

  • Freedom of Speech

  • ​Freedom of Worship

  • Freedom from Want and

  • Freedom from Fear

A little over a year later, on February 19, 1942, FDR would sign Executive Order 9066, following the Japanese Military’s bombing of Pearl Harbor. The order gave the US military authority to round up and imprison any person it deemed necessary from the western half of the western states of the United States, declaring it to be a military zone. This turned out to be anyone with 1/16th “Japanese blood.” Eventually, over 120,000 would be incarcerated in ten US concentration camps. Two thirds were American citizens. A third were children. No one was ever found guilty of treason or espionage…. 

I spoke with the Freedom From Fear/Yellow Bowl Project artist Setsuko Winchester during the project’s exhibition in April 2019 at the FDR Four Freedoms Park.

Here’s what she had to say.


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