Roosevelt Islander Online: Watch Video Highlights Of Roosevelt Island Jazz Jam At Gallery RIVAA Celebrating Return Of Live Music After Long Covid Lapse

Gallery RIVAA hosted a Jazz Jam this afternoon celebrating the return of live music after a long lapse due to the Covid pandemic. Take a listen to a few minutes of wonderful live music.

The musicians were:

  • Susheel Kurien Guitar 
  • Steven Golub tenor, 
  •  Erik Swimmer Tenor. 
  • Nobu Yamazaki bass, 
  • Nicole keys, 
  • Christine Reisner vocal and violin, 
  • Ron Kushner keys, 
  • Kaz Oguro alto, 
  • Roger Flather drums, 
  • Dan Yalisove clarinet

If you want to play in the next Roosevelt Island Jazz Jam, please contact [email protected]


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