Roosevelt Islander Online: What Are Your Roosevelt Island Thanksgiving Plans

What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year. Are you going away, staying home
and cooking or going out for your Thanksgiving dinner? Whatever your plans,

Here’s an interesting CNBC
interview with Stew Leonard Jr. on:

 … food inflation and supply chain costs, and how prices could be
higher this holiday season.

According to Mr. Leonard:

… There’s certain foods to avoid right now but you’re going to feel a little
bit more but I want everybody to remember Thanksgiving is the least expensive
holiday of the year…


CNBC explains why this year
could be the most expensive Thanksgiving ever.

If you’re going out, Roosevelt Island restaurants are offering Thanksgiving
dinner at:


Granny Annies

and the Graduate Hotel’s
Anything At All on
the Cornell Tech campus.

If you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the NY Times Food staff has some tips.

The Cafe @Cornell Tech is closed Thanksgiving thru Sunday November 28 and
reopening Monday November 29.

Happy Thanksgiving Roosevelt Island.


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