Roosevelt Islander Online: What Is The Future Of NYC Schools Gifted & Talented Program? Roosevelt Island Invited To District 2 Brilliant NYC Community Meeting November 17

According to the NYC Department of Education:

As announced by the Mayor, the Department of Education will eliminate the Gifted & Talented (G&T) test and phase out the current G&T model. In its place, we will launch “Brilliant NYC,” a blueprint for accelerated learning for all elementary students in New York City.

  • Starting with Kindergarten in September 2022, accelerated learning will be offered to 65,000 kindergarteners compared to 2,500 kindergarteners that the current G&T model serves. 

  • Students currently in G&T will remain in their programming so there is no disruption to their learning. Brilliant NYC will be phased in for grades one through three. 

For questions about Brilliant NYC, email [email protected]

Roosevelt Island’s PS/IS 217 is located NYC School District 2. A PS/IS 217 staffer reports:

District 2 Superintendent Mr. McGuire invites the families to give their
feedback regarding the future of the G&T program during the
November 17th 6pm virtual “Brilliant NYC Community” Meeting. Register
for this zoom meeting

 I asked the PS/IS 217 staffer:

Thanks for the info about the District 2 G&T update.

Do you have any more info on how this impacts Roosevelt Island’s PS/IS 217?

How many students are currently in the 217 G&T program in the various grades?

Is there any other info about the school that you think of interest to the Roosevelt Island community?

 who replied:

It’s one class per grade level, we have around 200 G&T students. No
decisions have been made, this is a community meeting held by the
Superintendent to get the ideas from the stakeholders.

There were 620 students enrolled last year, 2020-21, in PS/IS 217. Info not available on current total enrollment this year.

NYC Department of Education has more on Brilliant NYC program.

CBS New York reports on NYC’s plan to replace Gifted & Talented program with Brilliant NYC.

According to the NY Times, Mayor-Elect Eric Adams:

… Asked directly whether he would eliminate the gifted program, Mr. Adams replied, “no I would not, I would expand the opportunities for accelerated learning.”…

Register here for the District 2 Brilliant NYC community meeting to learn more.


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