Roosevelt Island resident and artist Thom Heyer reports:

Hi Friends– 


We’ve been gathering Roosevelt Island residents, employees &
students’ pandemic stories from the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.  

Many of you have already been generous enough to share your unique
experiences with us.  

We ask the same 3 questions to each person:

1.)  Do you have a memory of the first day and/or months of the lockdown & how did that feel? 

2.)  Was there any routine or anything specific you did to help you cope during this time?

3.)  What do you want to make sure is recorded and not forgotten from what you experienced in the pandemic?

We’re having our final Community Circle Gathering with light refreshments this Saturday 12//18/21 at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd from 3–4:30pm. 
It will be an informal time of sharing within the circle of what we’ve
& other’s have been able to do in the community.  We also welcome
any of your personal experiences as well!  Feel free to pop-in or stay
for the duration………We look forward to seeing you Saturday–

Most sincerely:

Thom Heyer & Peter Yearwood


Mask & proof of vaccination or negative test required to enter event

Here’s more info on the Pandemic Island: Creating An Archive project.


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