Tips for creating a home embracing the hippie lifestyle

There’s no denying that the ’60s brought on a contagious hippie lifestyle movement with love beads, tie-dye, and the Grateful Dead playing in the background. Even though these days are long gone, if you want to create a home that embodies the vibe of the era, here are some design tips to keep in mind.

by David Stone

Assorted Ideas, Large & Small

The Hippie Lifestyle, Room by Room

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The Bedroom

With tie-dye bedding and flower wall decals, your bedroom will be popping with unique charm. For a small space, try using a Bohemian tapestry as a headboard or ceiling decor for an instant hit of hippie-chic.

For a unique bedroom décor, try using an old dresser drawer as a nightstand. By simply adding knobs and casters to the bottom, you’ll instantly give your bedroom a charming bohemian vibe.

The Hippie Lifestyle Bathroom

While your friends may see this as a nightmare, try putting together different patterns and textures to create uniqueness in your bathroom décor. For optimal ’60s hippie lifestyle charm, go for tie-dye shower curtains and scented candles.

If you want to makeover any space without spending too much, try spray painting an old cabinet door. You can transform it into a makeshift vanity for your bathroom with some flower decals during the day.

For a one-of-a-kind addition to any bathroom space, try spray painting an old ladder. With some bright colors and flower decals, you’ll be able to make this look happen in no time at all! By simply adding a little bit of creativity, you can makeover any space—even the scariest room in your home.

The Scariest Room in Your Home, Whichever That May Be

For a pop of bohemian charm, consider using reed diffusers to fill the room with lovely scents that will evoke memories of simpler times. If you’re looking for an easy DIY project, all you need is a few essential oils and an empty bottle that you can quickly transform into a hippie-friendly home accessory.

With these tips, your home will be ready for any kind of ’60s festivity, including the next psychedelic party you throw—no Grateful Dead required!

Outdoor Spaces

Keep the love flowing with indoor decorating, and extend the charm to your backyard space. Add a water fountain to create a serene oasis in the center of your outdoor living area. For a true statement piece, opt for a flower-shaped pool that will surely flatter any yard or garden design.

With these decorating tips, you’ll be able to effortlessly embrace the bohemian style. Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make this look happen—use what you already have and soon enough your home will be filled with the love beads of the past.

The Kitchen

With some old cork boards and thumbtacks, you can create the perfect place to pin up all of your favorite hippie-inspired recipes. Add some paint or colorful tape to make it as decorative as possible; after all, this is one of the things the ’60s were all about—expressing yourself through your cooking!

Add some hippie charm to your kitchen with tie-dye tea towels and unique decorations. For an easy DIY project, try whipping up tie-dye napkins at home. Not only are these stylish, but they’re perfect for the next dinner party you throw!

Living Room

For a retro ’60s look, spray paint an old end table or coffee table. You can probably scare something up at a yard sale. By simply adding some colorful tape to the edges, you’ll be able to give your living room a unique look in no time at all!

Opt for decorating with vintage furniture and junk drawers to create an ultra-trendy bohemian look. With some colorful fabric covering your sofa, you’ll be ready to rock out with any kind of music blaring in the background.


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