Very Popular Roosevelt Island Good Shepherd Plaza Picnic Tables Missing, Where Did They Go Ask Worried Residents?

Last August, the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) in collaboration with Shops On Main Street Master Leaseholder Hudson Related placed picnic tables in Good Shepherd Plaza behind the Church

which proved to be very popular with residents. At the time, Paul Krikler of Island House wrote to RIOC President Shelton Haynes:

I don’t know who to thank for these. If it’s you all, then Thank You. I
already saw a neighbor eating dinner with her daughters there this

I think it’s a wonderful use of the space. I’d love to take my dinner outside once in a while. With my family.

I hope this is permanent…

The Good Shepherd Plaza tables are the perfect spot to crash your neighbor’s picnic for some spontaneous entertainment too.

But residents became concerned this week when the Good Shepherd Plaza picnic tables disappeared asking:

Any idea when the picnic tables located at 543 Main will

It turns out the picnic tables are currently covered on the Rivercross Lawn next to the Mediation Steps 

waiting to be painted by local groups for Roosevelt Island Day. 

According to Shops On Main Street:

Last spring, Shops On Main gifted RI’s Good Shepherd Plaza six picnic tables. It’s been such a pleasure to see so many islanders use them and we’re delighted to offer SoM’s restaurants and cafes more outdoor seating options. 

This year we’re taking it a step further by making the tables fun, creative, and captivating by inviting six island-based organizations to turn them into artful masterpieces with a theme of ISLAND INSPIRED.

Among the participating groups are the Main Street Theater & Dance Alliance, The Girl Scouts, Cornell Tech, RI Youth Center, WFF, and Island Kids. 

Each group will be provided art materials to bring these tables to life on Saturday, June 12 on Meditation Lawn. The public is invited to come out and watch. The final creations will be returned to Good Shepherd Plaza and bring ongoing connection and joy to islanders long after Roosevelt Island Day 2021.

We can all breath a sigh of relief – the Roosevelt Island Good Shepherd Plaza Picnic Tables will return. 

I’d love to see more picnic tables for outdoor seating, particularly by Blackwell House.


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