Was That Santa Picking up Some Fresh Fruit & Vegetables On His Reindeer Sled At Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Today? Roosevelt Island Outdoor Winter Holiday Decorations On Display Now Under A 3 Year $75 Thousand Per Year Agreement

Was that Santa picking up some fresh fruit and vegetables on his Reindeer Sled
at Roosevelt Island Farmers Market today?

The mid November weather is getting colder now and the Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza
Holiday season is approaching. The
Roosevelt Island Operating Corp
(RIOC) Winter Holiday Decorations are now on display at various outdoor
locations including the Good Shepherd Plaza Reindeer sled,

Meditation Lawn Christmas Tree.

Tram Plaza And Main Street.

As previously reported, RIOC approved a: 

… three-year agreement with Neave Group for winter holiday decorating for a
total cost of $225,000…


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