Welcomed new shareholders to the @islandhouseliving family today! 

If you follo…

Welcomed new shareholders to the @islandhouseliving family today! 🥂🎉

If you follow me (and 🙏 do), you might remember several months ago… in Instagram stories… I talked about how I was bringing in the large oriental carpet from my late mother-in-law to stage this very unit in hopes of bringing some good luck. 🍀

Well, it worked for everyone involved! This co-op apartment literally flew out the door, with a long line of back-up buyers.

Closing day is always a thrill. The final walk-through felt like a mini masked party.

It’s times like these that the “why” of it all makes sense to me. I’m going to share more of the story in my May monthly email/newsletter. DM me if you’d like to get on the list. It’s definitely a goosebump moment.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a home, or looking to sell a home, let me know if you’d like someone along in the journey. It’s time for me to find another connection so I can have another final walk-through mini-party, and watch it all come together for more folks. 🥰🏙🏡💗🚠🏭

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