Well, it’s time for the headphones to come off

That is an expression we use for…

Well, it’s time for the headphones to come off

That is an expression we use for whenever I do something without music on, however it will usually come out jumbled. I need music in my world to ground me, keep me focused in order to be able to even finish a task. For instance if I text someone or even write something on here I need music in order to make sure it’s a coherent sentence. I also usually always write everything in notes first and reread it a bunch of times, even with personal texts. But not this one, no music here, just a jumble mess that is my head.

I took this picture I. Roosevelt island on Friday while we where in NYC for the weekend, we needed up having to leave early and head home cause if some family issues. This picture at the moment was maybe the last calm, relaxing thing that I experienced this weekend before things just slowly spiraling out of control. I love silhouettes, and I thought at the moment with the clouds that the picture was going to come out great, I was wrong obviously, but at the moment it felt awesome.

Not being that great of a picture, I think it’s a good one to sort of take a break on. There is a lot of shit going down and I don’t thing for the time being I’m going to have the energy or even the mind set to be posting pictures. Now this may be just a day or 2, or a couple weeks, or even an hour, I just don’t know. I am just going to have to just go wherever this storm takes us and see what the final product is.

I think I did a good job staying on topic for this one, I’m sure spelling and punctuation are horrible, but it is what it is.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day

And please treat people with the same kindness that you would want someone to treat your grandma, mother or sister.