Why more and more people seek alternative health and healing

Alternative health and healing are becoming more and more popular, with many people turning to alternative therapies as a way to heal themselves.

by David Stone

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Alternative health and healing modalities are different from traditional Western medical practices in that they focus on the whole person rather than just treating symptoms of an illness or condition. One such modality is Reiki, which has been used for centuries to promote healing.

There are many other alternative health and healing modalities out there, and more and more people are beginning to explore them as a way to improve their health. If you’re interested in exploring alternative therapies, be sure to do your research before starting any new regimen.

Why alternative health and healing modalities are growing in popularity?

Here are some of the top reasons:

People are looking for ways to improve their health and feel better without relying on prescription drugs.

Why are prescription drugs an issue?

Prescription drugs often come with a host of side effects that can be worse than the condition they are meant to treat. In addition, they are often expensive and not always covered by insurance.

  • Many people prefer a more proactive approach to their health and wellbeing. It’s a trend toward independence and, maybe, a reaction to the overwhelming pressures of “expert” opinion
  • Preventative care is often seen as more effective and less expensive than treatment after the fact. Big Pharma heavily promotes drug use while deemphasizing the downside.
  • People are looking for natural solutions that work with their bodies, not against them. We know that our bodies come with built-in healing resources. Too often, drugs blunt these resources. Addressing one problem may work, but it reduces our overall wellness. Heavy use of antibiotics, for example, wipes out some otherwise healthy digestive systems. While treating an infection, they can also kill bacteria needed for building the immune system.

The List Goes On

  • Natural substances and methods have been used for centuries and may have better outcomes than man-made chemicals. One dirty secret of the drug industry is that simple, natural cures get little or no research because you can’t profit from something you don’t invent.
  • Preventative care is always better than reactive care. Never getting a disease is more beneficial, of course, than devoting resources to curing it. But not to drug companies. That’s why so little emphasis is given to healthy lifestyles and preventive practices.

Some Healthy Lifestyle and Preventative Practices

One or more of these suggestions can help.

1) Eating a healthy diet

2) Getting regular exercise

3) Reducing stress

4) Getting enough sleep

5) Avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol

6) Taking supplements as needed (vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, etc.)

7) Practicing yoga or meditation

8) Getting regular massages

9) Spending time in nature

10) Practicing positive thinking and visualization

What Are Some of the Other Healing Modalities Besides Reiki?

Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Chiropractic care, Feldenkrais, Homeopathy, Hypnosis, Massage therapy, Naturopathic medicine, Reflexology, Tai chi and Qigong are only a few of the many alternative health and healing modalities that are available today.

Checking them out can be fun and an adventure in itself. A big surprise or two may await your discovery. Each of us is different, and what works for me may not for you. But that’s the good news. You don’t need to follow any leader except your own adventurous spirit.

More Motivations for Choosing Alternative Health and Healing

  • Alternative health and healing modalities can be cheaper and more accessible than traditional medicine. And almost always are. Meditation, for example, is free, and avoiding tobacco actually saves money. Not free but effective, ginger tea is usually as effective on calming tummies and any over-the-counter medicine. And making – pouring hot water onto ginger slices in a cup – is easier than going to the store. Treating just one thing is, in reality, impossible. Everything eventually affects everything else.
  • People are becoming more interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness. We understand we’re made up of many parts and systems, but they’re all interconnected and dependent.
  • Alternative health and healing modalities can be more effective than traditional medicine in some cases. There is nothing inherently better about being developed by a drug or lifestyle company. And often enough, they borrow from more natural alternatives.


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